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Welcome to the home of Bjurt Yurts, the most amazing new structures since the dawn of time!

What is a bjurt?

bjurt with shade cloth cover bjurt with standard tarp walls and roof A bjurt is a structure inspired by the portable crash pad used by a dude you might have heard of named Ghengis Khan. That's right, the yurt. Like a yurt, the bjurt is stable, roomy, and with a vaulted ceiling to allow heat to rise. It is also sturdy and withstands high desert winds.

But my man GK didn't have tubular steel, precision manufacturing, or an unnatural obsession with geometry and symmetry. And he was far too busy enjoying the fruits of his conquest to redesign what is almost the perfect structure.

Traditional yurts have significant redundancy. This allows them to be fabricated from the irregular materials available in nature, such as branches and hides. The downside of this redundancy is that yurts require a large amount of work to create, as well as to set up and break down.

The bjurt is a design which concentrates on the primary mechanism of the yurt, the expandable latticework wall, and distills and harnesses it as the fundamental element of a structure that transforms from a bundle of poles into a self-reinforced dome-like frame.

Unlike a yurt, a bjurt is faster to set up and smaller to store. Each flat wall is made up of a single scissors-like cross piece, and the roof poles are permanently attached at the corners. The whole structure folds up like a camp chair. This makes it quite suitable as a temporary structure for extreme camping, off-road base camps, summer shade for windy back yards, and other demanding applications.

New videos: A group of campers heading to Burning Man practice striking their 17' bjurt; bender demonstrates setting up a shower bjurt; bender sets up an experimental 12' bjurt with telescoping roof poles (part 1 and part 2).

I am bender...

bender in another bjurt frame

...and this is my bjurt (Burning Man '07).

bjurt with standard tarp walls and roof

...and another (Freedom Fest)...

bjurt with walls and parachute roof

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