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So, you want to build a bjurt.

The first thing to do is to figure out how much bjurt you can handle.

For the time being, I am concentrating on the octagonal bjurt. Since the cross poles and roof poles are the same length, this gives the most floor space for a given storage length. A folded octagonal bjurt has a width and depth of less than two feet each, and a length near (within an inch or two) of its roof pole length. The bjurt can also be broken down into its component pieces for long-term storage.

The bjurt frame is usually composed of bjurt connectors, fasteners, and EMT conduit. EMT is a light zinc-coated steel conduit commonly available in 10' sections of varying widths at Home Depot, Lowe's and other large hardware outlets. Materials other than EMT may be used. If a permanent wood or other natural materials yurt is desired, the stainless steel connector kit should be chosen, which accommodates material of greater width.

The following table describes the dimensional characteristics of different sized bjurts:

Octagonal Bjurt Dimensions
Nominal Size
Recommended Pole Material
Cross / Roof Pole Length
Brace Length / Wall Size
Inner Diameter (wall to wall)
Outer Diameter
Center Height
Finished Frame Part Number
1/2" EMT Conduit
5' 10 3/4"
4" 1 1/4"
9' 7"
10' 4"
7' 10"
This size is useful because a single cross pole and brace can be cut from a single piece of 10' stock, allowing a bjurt to be made from 24 pieces of 10' EMT.
1/2" EMT Conduit for walls, 3/4" EMT Conduit for roof poles
7' 2"
11' 9"
12' 9"
9' 3"
This size is useful because two braces can be cut from a single piece of 10' stock, allowing a bjurt to be made from 32 pieces of 10' EMT.
3/4" EMT Conduit
5' 7"
13' 2"
14' 3"
10' 3"
This is the largest octagonal bjurt that can be made with 8' stock. The connectors are designed to accommodate 2x2 wooden studs, but this material has not been tested.
3/4" EMT Conduit for walls, 1" Conduit for roof poles
16' 7"
12' 6"
This is the largest octagonal bjurt that can be made with 10' stock.

Mail me (link at bottom of page) if you would like to make a size not listed here. We can discuss dimensions and materials. Other configurations have been successfully built, including the narrow four-sided shower bjurt and the grand 16-sided, 24' bjurt.

Once you have selected your size, you will need to procure your pole stock. The following table describes the amount and type of material you will need.

Octagonal Bjurt Pole Stock Requirements
Nominal Size
Recommended Pole Material
EMT Cost
1/2" x 10' EMT Conduit
24 + 8
1/2" x 10' EMT Conduit, 3/4" x 10' EMT Conduit
3/4" x 10' EMT Conduit
32 + 8
3/4" x 10' EMT Conduit, 1" x 10' EMT Conduit

At the time of this writing, 1/2" x 10' EMT conduit is available from Home Depot for approximately $2, 3/4" x 10' EMT for approximately $4, and 1' x 10' EMT for $6.70 (SoCal prices). Note that poles sold at a given nominal length may deviate from this length. Small (< 1" over 10') variations are generally harmless, but you should be aware of them and group poles by function (shorter poles for the cross pieces and longer poles for the roof).

Once you know the size of bjurt you want, the next step is to choose your fasteners.

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