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Bjurt Yurts - Documentation - Fasteners

The last step was calculating the bjurt dimensions.

Fasteners are needed to attach

  1. the roof poles to the center ring and to the top flanges
  2. the cross poles to each other and to the top and bottom flanges
  3. the vertical braces to the top and bottom flanges
  4. the horizontal braces to the top flanges

Fastener kits will soon be available for purchase on the products page. Alternatively you may assemble your own set. It’s important to check that the set fits your choices of pole widths. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a fastener set for your bjurt.

Since the holes in the bjurt connectors are all 1/4” diameter, all fasteners should be 1/4” diameter. Fastener lengths depend on pole width and attachment point.

Which fasteners to use?
(1) I prefer wire lock pins to attach the roof poles, and clevis pins with hitch clips to attach the other poles. Wire lock pins are easy to install and since there is no lateral force on the pin, they are secure in this application. The clevis pins and hitch clips are also fairly reliable.
(2) Some people prefer hex nuts and bolts. The chief worry here is that vibration can make the nut come loose either in travel or while the structure is set up. This is a general issue when using nuts, to which there are two solutions. In every place where a bolt or screw is used, you could choose one that is 1/4” longer and double-nut it. Double nutting jams the threads and makes the hold very stable. If you do not double nut, you need to use LocTite or some other thread locking fluid.
(3) Machine screws can be used in place of bolts. Machine screw heads are smoother than hex-head bolt heads, but screws are more likely to strip.

Whichever type of fasteners you decide on, make sure to bring spares for everything, especially the vertical and horizontal braces. These are taken off and put back on, increasing wear which can eventually strip threads and bend pins.

The following is an inventory of the number of pins, clips, and related hardware that would be required:

Pole Stock
Roof Hinge
Cross Hinge
Cross End
Brace End
1/2" EMT Conduit
1 3/4"
1 3/8"
1 3/8"
3/4" EMT Conduit
2 1/4"
1 5/8"
1 5/8"
Number Needed

Assuming the same size pole stock is used for the entire structure, a bjurt built with 1/2" EMT would require 16 x 2", 8 x 1 3/4", 64 x 1 3/8", 88 washers, and 88 hitch clips. A bjurt built with 3/4" EMT would require 16 x 2", 8 x 2 1/4", 64 x 1 5/8", 88 washers, and 88 hitch clips.

Now that you've got your bjurt size, connector kit, and fasteners figured out, you'll want to get down to work by cutting and drilling your pole stock.

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