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Bjurt Yurts - Documentation - Shower Bjurt Setup

Tools you will need: If you are using nuts and bolts, you will need 2 socket wrenches; if using screws and nuts, a screwdriver and a socket wrench; if using pins and clips, then depending on your technique and finger strength, you might find a pair of needlenose pliers useful. A small hammer is handy for driving or knocking loose pins which might have gotten slightly bent and other similar acts of percussive maintenance. For staking down the shower bjurt, you will need a small (three pound) sledge hammer, crow bar, and 4 stakes. Playa staples and candy cane rebar are both good stake choices for windy conditions.

  1. The shower bjurt starts as a bundle, within which the vertical braces are attached to the shower bjurt feet but not to its top flanges. The four horizontal braces are in a separate little bundle.

  2. Set the bjurt on its feet and lay the vertical braces to the side for now. Note that the side missing the cross poles is the door.

  3. Pop up the roof. You'll need to spread out the bjurt a little first.
  4. Attach the vertical braces to the top flanges.
  5. Attach the horizontal braces.
  6. Stake down all four corners.

  7. Attach the shower bag and position your water catch basin, available in several sizes from Lowe's or Home Depot.

  8. Attach the walls, using a long narrow tarp and ball bungees or any other desired covering.


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