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Free deck plan - specially designed for bjurts

Since the October 2007 wildfires in Southern California, I have been donating bjurt kits to those who have lost structures. Since few people know what to do with a bjurt kit, I have been donating time, material, and expertise to get things moving.

Pacha Mama's Grove, on Palomar Mountain, has a particularly challenging site. The ground is sloped and soft. I tried to transport some material in my two wheel drive truck and was stuck all afternoon. A four wheel drive truck did better, but it still left some major tire ruts.

To make a bjurt that could handle a snow load (a topic for another day), a decent foundation was required. The large bjurt is about seventeen feet across. With typically available wood lengths, eighteen feet is a convenient size. To minimize cuts and maximize area, I designed the following 18' x 20' deck:

bjurt deck plan 1

bjurt deck plan 2

Note that I don't guarantee this design in any way or warrant its suitability for any purpose whatsoever. Sorry for the legalese, but I'm just giving you information. You have to take responsibility for what you do with it. Also, the post detail may be a little off. The beams should extend 1.5" beyond the post to fully support the joists.

The drawing is of the frame (posts, beams, and joists). Pressure treated lumber is the typical material for the frame. It takes about forty-four eighteen foot 2x6 boards (I recommend redwood) to make the deck layer. The frame is offset on the posts so the bjurt can be built over the posts for maximum support, while the two foot overhang is the front porch.

To my knowledge, this exact deck has not yet been built. The handyman working on the project said this design is very strong, but more labor-intensive than what is needed to meet the basic requirements. He is going to place 4x6 beams over the posts and build the joist layer on top of that. I may draw that variant and post it here as well. Watch this space.

Please send me an e-mail and maybe a few pictures if you build this deck design.

Happy building!

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